Thursday, August 24, 2006

Brison Campaign Going Strong

Coming off his 19 riding tour last week, the Brison campaign is picking up support and momentum as we move toward the september DSMs. This series of coffee shop meetings, dubbed the "Tim Horton's Tour" was a hit with the local liberals in the ridings. Being in a smaller group of people, Scott was able to engage more in discussion that in stumping. Scott really enjoyed the opportunity to engage liberals in rural ridings that share his concerns as the only rural candidate in the race.

A supporter of Scott's, Sarah Wong, chronicled the adventure of travelling with Scott on her blog at, From reading it, I am know in a search for Paul Anka's CD covering "Teen Spirit", but so far, no luck.
The successful coffeeshop tour of ontario has made local liberals realize that "They always got time... for Scott Brison"

Also, there are a series of videos of Scott's recent activities on Check them out...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Brison Campaign Website Launched!

Check out the Scott Brison campagin website at It is by far the most impressive of all leadership candidate sites launched thus far.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

"Brison bid to take flight in Wolfville"

Brison bid to take flight in Wolfville
By STEPHEN MAHER Ottawa Bureau

OTTAWA — Scott Brison is planning to launch his campaign for the leadership of the federal Liberal party in Wolfville on Sunday.

A spokeswoman says Mr. Brison intends to make the announcement at the Old Orchard Inn after the annual general meeting of the Kings-Hants Liberal riding association. Liberals in Ottawa expect Mr. Brison to be in the small group of serious candidates for the leadership of the party, although not at the front of the group.

The other front-runners are Michael Ignatieff and Stephane Dion, who have announced their candidacies, and Gerard Kennedy, Ken Dryden and Bob Rae, who are expected to announce their candidacies soon.

Some other Liberal MPs expected to run are Joe Volpe, Maurizio Bevilacqua and Carolyn Bennett. John Godfrey has dropped out for health reasons and Belinda Stronach has pulled out, complaining about the structure of the leadership contest, which will be decided by delegates at a convention in Montreal in December.

Mr. Brison impressed many Liberals with his performance at a leadership forum in Edmonton last month, and most commentators then placed him in the pack of front-runners.
But a recent poll shows he has less support from Canadians than the other front-runners, with only one per cent of those polled saying he should lead the party.

That may not mean much, said Susan Murray, Mr. Brison’s spokeswoman, because Liberal delegates will choose the next leader, not randomly selected Canadians.

"I think that’s a completely bogus poll, but that’s for other people to decide," she said. "We have a sense that he’s going to be up there among the top contenders." Mr. Brison is building a serious national team, Ms. Murray said.

"There’s an awful lot of people who are doing an awful lot of things in all sorts of provinces," she said. "I don’t think Scott would run unless he could run a first-class campaign. Where it ends up, we don’t know, but he definitely wants to run a first-class campaign and a campaign of ideas."

Many observers expected Mr. Brison would drop out of the race early last month after it was revealed that he was questioned by the RCMP in their investigation of a possible leak of inside information to income trust traders in advance of a Liberal announcement on a tax question.

Mr. Brison sent an e-mail to an acquaintance on Bay Street a day before the announcement, saying he expected the government to act soon. When a Globe and Mail reporter asked him about the e-mail, he initially denied any knowledge of it, a denial his critics have called a lie.

Mr. Brison held a news conference the day after the story broke, acknowledging that he made an error in judgment but denying any wrongdoing because, he said, he had no inside knowledge to pass on. Early on, the story seemed to hurt his campaign, but he seems to have successfully put the issue behind him, at least for now.

It was the second time Mr. Brison’s BlackBerry habits had got him into trouble. In February, an assistant mistakenly forwarded an e-mail from him in which he seemed to take her to task for nagging him about his French lessons. Ms. Murray said Mr. Brison’s team has not taken his BlackBerry away from him. "No, but I think that might be a good idea, looking forward," she said.

Many Liberals say it would be very difficult for Mr. Brison to win the Liberal leadership because he only joined the party in 2003, crossing the floor after the Progressive Conservatives merged with the Canadian Alliance. A delegated convention tends to reward candidates with deep roots in the party, a factor that seems to have contributed to Ms. Stronach’s decision to drop out.
Some have also questioned whether Mr. Brison’s French is good enough to rebuild the party in Quebec.

On the other hand, Mr. Brison is much younger than most of the front-runners, and more conservative economically, so will likely be able to contrast himself with them and stake out some turf for a vigorous campaign. And his leadership bid seems to have attracted a significant amount of support among young Liberals, a powerful group at any leadership convention.


Friday, March 31, 2006

Brison Speaks to Montreal Business Community

Mr. Brison spoke to members of the Montreal business community last night. He articulated his ideas for the future of the Liberal party in both languages, delivering half of his 20 minute speech in French. Mr. Brison was introduced by Marc Garneau, Canada's most decorated astronaut and a former Liberal candidate. Also in attendance was celebrated Olympic medalist Mark Tewksbury.

Mr. Brison's positive, ideas-based vision was very well received. When he had the opportunity to speak one on one with the people in attendance, many of them encouraged him to enter the leadership race.

Mr. Brison would bring a refreshing campaign to the Liberal Party leadership race. He has much to contribute to his party and country.

Friday, March 24, 2006

"Young Liberals prez backing Scott Brison for party leadership"

Young Liberals prez backing Scott Brison for party leadership
Source: The Canadian Press
Mar 23, 2006 14:33

By Jennifer Ditchburn

OTTAWA (CP) - The president of the Young Liberals of Canada is throwing his support behind MP Scott Brison for the leadership of the party.

Richard Diamond said he met with most of the prospective candidates and decided to back the former public works minister, and former Tory.

``He's always demonstrated that he's bright, capable and energetic, and I think he speaks to a generational change that is really need right now if we are to appeal to young voters,'' Diamond said.

Diamond's support is significant because the Young Liberals make up a strong voting bloc during leadership conventions. About one-third of all delegates come from student clubs across the country.

Diamond said he would lobby fellow young Liberals to support Brison, but his endorsement doesn't automatically signal the backing of other members.

Former prime minister Paul Martin's team was very adept at securing the vote of young Liberals, many of whom ended up working with him on Parliament Hill. But his team was also criticized for setting up ``paper clubs'' on university campuses, clubs that only existed to send voting delegates to the convention.

Brison, and potential competitors Belinda Stronach and Ken Dryden will be trying to woo other young Liberals this weekend in Ottawa during the youth wing's executive meeting.

Diamond said Brison's relatively short history with the Liberals should not be a deterrent. Brison was a Progressive Conservative MP until 2003.

``His vision is much more Liberal than many members of our own caucus,''
Diamond said.

``In the time that he has been a member, he had demonstrated the he is a true liberal. He believes in prosperity and that should be balanced with a social conscience and a progressive social agenda.''

Brison has yet to formally announce he is running for the leadership. To date, only businesswoman Martha Hall Findlay and MP John Godfrey have revealed their intentions.

Liberals will choose their leader on the weekend of Dec. 2-3.

(c) 2005 The Canadian Press

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Brison Named New Environment Critic

Bravo Brison! What a great position for him. He has recently been appointed as Environment Critic in the Liberal Shadow Cabinet.

I have heard some say... Environment? Really? Lets not forget the new policy on Green Procurement that he implemented while Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada.

"The federal government is one of the biggest purchasers in Canada, buying roughly $13 billion in goods and services every year. We need to buy green if we want to protect our environment and help Canadian companies establish a competitive advantage over our trading partners based on environmental sustainability," said the Honourable Scott Brison, Minister of Public Works and Government Services.
While Minister, he also implemented the Office of Greening Government Operations which provides a government-wide centre of expertise and leadership on environmental issues. The office provides guidance to the greater federal community on issues including green procurement, green property management, recycling and waste management, and remediation of contaminated sites.

In addition, Mr. Brison remains active in regards to the Sydney Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens in Nova Scotia and is extremely involved in the clean-up project. It was Mr. Brison who recommended to the Minister of Environment that the environmental assessment of the clean-up be done by a panel review. The Federal Government has committed $400 million to the clean-up of the Tar Pond and it was his hope to ensure that the clean-up met appropriate standards.
Also! I thought this was worth mentioning! While Minister of Public Works, Mr. Brison entered PWGSC into the National Capital Region Transit Pass Program allowing employees to purchased discounted annual transit passes through monthly deductions. I recognize that maybe it is only a small step, but I think small steps are crucial in meeting our Kyoto targets. I also think it's great that Mr. Brison seems to be constantly considering ways to improve business within government while strongly considering the ramifications that new policies and procedures will have on the environment.

I believe Mr. Brison will prove to be a fantastic Environment Critic and this post will certainly provide him with the opportunity to show off his social policy side. (I actually feel a little sorry for Rona Ambrose... she's in for it!)

For a full list of critics click here.

Just as a side note... I always thought that it was really great how Mr. Brison has incorporated a section entitled "Green Watch" on his Member of Parliament website. It easily links you to all of the new "green" programs and initiatives being implemented by the federal government. I have never come across something like that on other MP sites... I thought it was a nice touch!

Friday, February 17, 2006

"Brison and that je ne sais quoi"

Speculation grows that Nova Scotia MP, Scott Brison, will be seeking the Liberal Leadership. A Nova Scotia newspaper, The Chronicle Herald, published an article today attempting to confirm just that.

Mr. Brison has recently returned from a week of French Immersion in Montreal, something that the Nova Scotia MP is known for doing quite frequently.

This past Wednesday evening in Ottawa, at the nightclub Social, Brison hosted a party with potential supporters for his leadership bid. Among the guests were volunteers close to other potential leadership contenders such as Joe Volpe and Ken Dryden. Also in attendance were Nova Scotia MP Mike Savage and Senator Jim Cowan. Other known political staffers from NS included Chris MacInnes, Greg MacEachern and Sheryl Stewart.

A notable volunteer, and healthy addition to the Brison Camp is Ms. Leslie Swartman. Ms. Swartman worked on Paul Martin’s 1990 Liberal leadership campaign and worked for Jean Chretien when he was Opposition Leader. She most recently worked for former transport minister Jean Lapierre, Mr. Martin’s Quebec lieutenant. She had this to say about Mr. Brison:

"Everybody’s seen how great he is in the House of Commons, and how well he represented and defended the Liberal party. He’s very personable. He has a good wit. He’s very media-savvy. Bright. Articulate. He’s a good package. Philosophically, I’m with him. He’s a fiscal conservative but liberal on the social side."

The Chronicle also reported that Nova Scotia Senator Jane Cordy is also anticipating supporting Mr. Brison if he decides to run.

"He’s done an excellent job of minister of public works," she said. "He’s young and energetic."
Team Brison continues to expand.